DIVA 4.0 Commercial Single-User License Upgrade from v2.0 - $475.00 USD

A commercial license upgrade provides an upgrade from DIVA 2.0 to DIVA 4.0 for two license keys which allows DIVA to run on two computers operated by a single user. See our end-user license agreement for full details. The payment buttons below will direct you to a payment form on a secure server. More information about payment security can be found here. After your order is processed, instructions will be sent to the email address you supply on the form followed by a new DIVA 4.0 license. Please review our privacy policy here.

Please e-mail Alstan with any questions.

For billing addresses outside of Massachusetts click the payment button below.

For billing addresses within Massachusetts sales tax will be included, click below.

Customers with a Massachusetts billing address who will be using the software outside of Massachusetts might be entitled to a sales tax exemption. Email a completed exemption form to sales@solemma.net before purchasing the license without tax applied (first option above). Massachusetts users who do not submit the exemption form must purchase the license with sales tax included. (second option above).

Shipping and Return Policies

All license sales and registration fee payments are final, no refunds. We strongly encourage customers to fully evaluate if DIVA-for-Rhino will perform as expected during the free 30 day trial period before purchasing a license. For other sales questions please contact sales@solemma.net.

Email: sales@solemma.net

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Become a DIVA Reseller

If you are interested in becoming a DIVA reseller and providing training, please email info@solemma.net. If you are based in the UK, we suggest you purchase from our UK reseller Simply Rhino, who provide local installation guidance, technical support and training on DIVA for Rhino in the UK.